bad mann

the don

A true Don, who sleeps, eats, poops & do whatever he wishes to do.

jordan chua (JC)

managing director

A serial traveller and passionate sportsman, Jordan is the latest addition to the team. Coming from a corporate marketing background, he is now entrusted to realign BBA's go-to-market and business growth strategy. A true believer that unique consumer experiences build relationships, he seeks to apply results-oriented strategies to strengthen BBA's portfolio and service offerings. 

rusydi razali (diddy)

business developmenT Director

Ducati DRE instructor

An avid adventurer as well as extreme sports enthusiast, Diddy started Big Boys Adventure based on his love for all things adventure. Well-experienced in many activities, Diddy advocates a hands-on approach where he himself conducts briefing and basic training for most of the activities offered by Big Boys Adventure. A firm believer in the quality of service even in the adventure industry, Diddy prioritizes close relations with clients and service providers. He believes that this endeavor must be shared with the masses. He is also a certified Ducati DRE instructor.

feiruz rafik

cfo (chief fun officer)

Juvenile 60 year old civil engineer who spent 30 years in property development, oil & gas, railway engineering and hotel industry, gave it all up just to have fun and travel the world on a shoe string. Love riding bikes, off roading, outdoors and just having lots of fun.

razeef rahimansa

cfo / experiencist

Avid traveler, adventurist & explorer. Fueled by passion for the adventures, culture & places. Also very good at money.

safiq al - attas

adventure specialist

A true adventurer noted for being one of the pioneer in white water rafting in Malaysia & professional motorsport driver in Indonesia.

rosman noordin

pr / communication

A true riding maestro with over 27 years of riding, touring & overlanding experience. Have covered South East Asia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Central Asia, Balkans, East Russia, Central Europe, Morocco & North America.



An adrenaline junkie with a vast experience in the photography industries, handling both photos & videos and managing all multimedia content for BBA.

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